Saturday, 3 December 2011

Me & My Bro

I don't often blog about our children, in fact, they don't even like me to show any layouts that could identify them however..... a couple of weeks ago we popped down to Cardiff with the two youngest children to visit their tallest brother and it brought home to me not only how much we miss spending time with tall son, but also how precious the bond is between siblings, and between these two brothers in particular.

Tall son is 24 and the youngest will reach half his age just before Christmas. As for the height difference........

that may take a little longer to close!!

They have very different personalities, but whenever they are together there is always lots of laughter.

When Don was ill tall son was a constant and invaluable support to his father. He quietly stepped into the breach watching his young bro in endless football and cricket practices and matches, helped his now 19 yr old brother find a job that would work around his college course and generally was the glue that helped the rest of us keep going. His positive influence on both his younger brothers (and his sisters) will last a lifetime, leading by example and so generously giving of his time and himself with no fuss, and all without being prompted. If his younger brothers and sisters continue to follow his lead we will have fine young men and women to be proud of........ and siblings with an unbreakable bond.

We had a lovely day out in Cardiff, the Christmas lights were then a work in progress, but still very beautiful, and it is such a lovely city to stroll around. We ended the day with coffee at The Pancake House, a little cafe in the Brewery Quarter which is open until 10pm most evenings. It is run by a lovely young lady who makes the most wonderful Cinnamon ice cream (amongst others), and the pancakes looked pretty wonderful too!