Saturday, 23 March 2013

Experiments in colour......

Hello there.
Those of you who know me well will recognise my addictions below - stamps (of course), black ink (preferably Tsukineko's Versafine in Onyx Black), backgrounds, 'nothing' stamps (not stamps of nothing that would be really silly, but stamps that are not of something in particular therefore versatile), really nice smooth white paper (ideal for stamping on), really fine detailed stamps, layers, alphabet/word stamps, very little colour and certainly no strong colours - other than black & white. 
You're getting the theme now lol!  
Even when I journal or scrapbook I find myself needing stamps, can't doodle, never hand write, never draw - can't, it's why I stamp, never use strong colours - other than black & white!
 The page above is very typical of the sort of journal page I enjoy creating, even though it does include some of my very messy handwriting.
Now, nothing wrong with creating things just because you enjoy the process, it's called a hobby! It's started me thinking though about why I find myself in the same groove. I have very little time to create so it's easy to reach for the 'go to' products because I know they will work for me, I will relax and be mostly pleased with what I make = good use of scarce time.
But is it the best use of my time?
Which brings me to........
my newest journal which I have decided will be all about my experiments in colour. I am going to make a real effort to use colour, especially those shades I am not so keen on, and hopefully learn something about the best use of my time along the way. Results to follow.....
What are your 'go to' products? what would you experiment with?
Do tell xx