Friday, 30 March 2012

The Steampunk Phantom

I was working on the sample for my Steampunk Angel workshop at Snazzys, (you can see the workshop results and the ingredients list over at when these blank phantom masks were delivered, and I couldn't resist using up my leftovers, & a bit of Ideaology, to create this striking chap.

Well, I like him anyway and I think I may include him as a project in our Taster Weekend at Snazzys later in the year. What do you think?

Once up on his stand he might even qualify as tall, dark and handsome.


You're probably right, there is no accounting for taste lol!

More soon  xx


  1. Very cool and very different, LOVE IT

  2. Ooh! Definitely dark and handsome! I suspect tall might be stretching it a bit...!

  3. Love this very cool steampunk inspired project, it's a must ... after the online thingy wotsit:) x

  4. Oh yes! I'm definitely with the others (after the online thingy wotsit ;0) )! Not sure I'd like to meet him in a dark alley tho, lol!

    Lesley XX