Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So Let's Try That Again.....

Happy New Year and here's hoping for everything you would wish for comes your way in 2013.
This time last year I made myself a Mini Resolutions Journal with just six resolutions.......
Make More Art
Take Part in Kate Crane's Monthly Calendar in my journal
Make some projects just because I want to rather than because I need a workshop project
Blog every week
Make one layout each month 
Take part, at least once a month, in Julia Budd's WOYWW
.....and because I know me so well, a seventh...... KEEP IT UP! 
Well, no prizes for guessing how that went but, I have awarded myself a 'must try harder sticker', and here's how this year's Resolution's journal looks..... 
If at first you don't succeed and so on lol!
Anyway, today I made one more project than I made yesterday, and it was just because I wanted to.... .
but now it's done I think I might use it for a workshop at Snazzys too.
Maybe there's a lesson to be learned there!
Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. wonderful project!
    Happy new year to you and Don xx

  2. Happy New Year Val (and to the Headmaster)! i think the lesson is that if you make something you like (because you can) others will like it too and want to learn how. Having said that I don't think I've seen one of your workshops/projects that I wouldn't like to do including this fab piece.

    Lesley Xx

  3. The journal looks so cool... and I'm sure Lesley's right - that hanging looks just amazing, and I'd love to learn how!!
    Alison x